Rules Schmules!

white pants

White pants here, white pants there.
White pants, white pants EVERYWHERE!

Though this may sound like rhetoric pulled directly from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book, it’s actually proof that fashion “rules” of old are no longer applicable in today’s society*.  Back in the day, anyone who donned white 1) either after Labor Day had passed or 2) before Easter had begun was guilty of committing the ultimate fashion faux pas.  Today, I’m happy to report, these old-school rules are out much like slap bracelets, tight-rolled jeans and feathered bangs of the 1980s (thank the Lord!)

Since fashion is essentially a real-world art form, it only makes sense that there should be no specific rules or parameters governing it.  Just like no one advised Picasso he couldn’t paint a woman with two noses and three breasts, no one should tell a fashionista that she cannot wear white pants and sandals after Labor Day.

Up ’til the recent years when fashion rules were so casually discarded, anyone who dared carry a handbag that didn’t match her shoes would be (gasp) reprimanded and “black-barred” on the pages of fashion magazines.  The old rule book also stated that your belt must match your shoes and that black and brown couldn’t coexist in a single ensemble.  Oh, the horror!

I’m glad these outdated rules no longer apply.  Besides, I’m of the school that rules were meant to be broken anyway–or at least badly bent.  Especially since summer isn’t officially over after Labor Day, we should continue to sport strappy sundresses, sleeveless tops and white capris if nothing more than for sheer comfort.

If I state that fashion boots really shouldn’t make a reappearance until the first cold snap of fall, I’d be contradicting my previous theory about fashion rules ceasing to exist.  So I won’t say it aloud, but let it be known I sometimes think it when I see a woman wearing tall boots in 102-degree heat.  Call me a hypocrite if you must.  Actually, please allow me to rephrase.  This is not so much a rule as it is mere common sense.  One should dress for the season and the temperatures that come along with it.  After all, who in their right mind wears shorts when it’s snowing outside?  Get my point?

Anyway, I like to see women (and fashion-conscious men) throw caution to the wind and dress themselves in clothing that makes them feel good about themselves–despite what yesteryear’s rule book would so rigorously advise.  Who exactly made up those rules in the first place?  In any case, I admire people who take risks (within reason) in order to make a fashion statement indicative that they march to their own drummer and could care less what others think of them.

Oh, and another reason I’m glad outdated rules don’t apply?  I have several pairs of kick-a$$ suede pumps that I love to strut around in all year long!

Are there any “rules” you intentionally love to break?  Tell me about them!


* except for the rule preventing one from wearing open-toed shoes with pantyhose.  That’s one rule I’ll always stand behind!

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