Big Hair in a Bottle


They say that “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”  I have to agree–at least when it comes to hair.  Although I was cursed with baby-fine, flat hair, I attempt on a daily basis to add extreme volume to my limp locks.  A combination of round brushing and multiple volumizing products help me achieve a big hair look that would make a southern belle beauty pageant contestant green with envy.  The product that is my secret weapon?  It’s called Osis “Dust It” Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf, and it’s nothing short of magic.

With all the converts I’ve turned on to this product, you’d think I owned stock in the company.  Once a hairstylist friend told me about this product and I tried it, I was sold!  I then told my mom, aunt and cousins about it, and now they’re all users of this magic powder.  Seeing that my mother has never spent more than $6 on a tube of mascara in her lifetime, I was shocked that she would regularly shell out the cash for Dust It powder, (which comes with a hefty price tag of $23.50 at Ulta).  That right there is an indication that this product is worth every single penny.

It’s easy to use, and I assure you that a little bit of this stuff goes a LONG way!  Simply style your dry hair, rat the crap out of it with a fine-tooth comb (like I do), and sprinkle some of this Dust It powder on top and underneath layers at the crown for instant texture and volume.

*Note: Don’t confuse this product with dry shampoo, which, if you ask me, is seemingly worthless.  With dry shampoo, I feel like I’m spraying a can of air onto my roots, and it hardly soaks up oil and basically just causes additional static and flyaways.  Static = not good.

There are various other hair care brands that make similar volumizing powders.  I know this because I’ve tried most of them.  Though some of them aren’t bad, none of the ones I’ve used (including Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play, Got2be’s Powder’ful and Aveda’s Pure Abundance Hair Potion) come close to touching Dust It.

Like I said, Osis Dust It isn’t cheap, but it’s one product that’s certainly worth the splurge.  This miracle white powder is my own personal fairy dust.  It blows up my hair to Texas-sized proportions faster than I can say, “Howdy, y’all!”

big hair   No Bumpit required!drew barrymore hair big hair bob                                                            Va-va-va-VOLUME!





The higher the hair,                                                                                                                                     the closer to God!


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