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If there’s one thing I’m a total sucker for (besides shoes and cosmetics, of course), it’s fashion magazines.  I currently have subscriptions to Glamour, Allure and Marie Claire.  Plus, I usually buy at least one or two others per month off the newsstand at full price–which ain’t cheap!  It’s my ultimate impulse purchase.

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I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve noticed many of these magazines are getting thicker and thicker.  As a matter of fact, I just ran downstairs to the Walgreens at work to pick up a prescription and couldn’t resist the latest issue of Elle (which I don’t typically read–but chose simply because I’d read every other magazine on the rack).  I’m not even kinda kidding when I say I could knock someone over the head with it, rendering them comatose.  That magazine must weigh at least seven pounds!  Many fashion and beauty magazines now have the words “Our biggest issue ever!” proudly emblazoned on the cover.  Duh–they’re full of ads.  That’s why.

As I casually thumb through the glossy pages, looking for the latest fashion trends (most of which a normal human being could never afford) and the coolest new beauty products, I find myself constantly distracted by the overabundance of advertisements.  I understand magazine publications have to make money somehow, but geez–it’s getting ridiculous!  I’d say a good 3/4 of most magazines are dedicated to nothing but product ads.

Perhaps I’m hypocritical in bitching about the shameless number of advertisements per magazine since I WORK IN ADVERTISING.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it.  If I spend $5 or $6 of my hard-earned money, I want more reading material than a brief writeup as to why the newest face cream is guaranteed to reduce wrinkles and lighten hyperpigmentation by up to 60%.  For every page of actual content, I’d say I flipped through at least four or five ads.  Even the table of contents is usually about 12 pages in!

In today’s society, we are inundated with ads.  In fact, I read that the average person is exposed to approximately 5,000 ads per day.  That’s a whole lot of sports energy drinks, wrinkle creams and luxury car messages.  As a result, we’ve developed crafty ways to avoid the annoying barrage.  You can record your TV shows on a DVR, bypassing commercials altogether and simply ignore the eyesore billboards that litter the highways and byways.  Unfortunately though, you can’t avoid the deluge of magazine ads, save for flipping the pages as quickly as possible in search of real content.  Sure, you could rip them out, but then that 7-pounder would be light as a feather and bare between the covers.

I find it ironic and even a little amusing that ad is one “d” shy of ADD–because that’s exactly how I feel when I attempt to read a magazine for all the ads getting in the way.


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