Good Golly, Miss Dolly


A few months ago, Jeremy and I tuned in to see the made-for-TV movie about the life of the one and only Dolly Parton.  Watching the bubbly little girl who would ultimately become one of country music’s biggest icons reminded me why my energetic puppy bears her name. Dolly Parton is arguably one of the most charismatic, larger-than-life musicians of all time. She grew up dirt poor in the hills of Tennessee but was ultimately destined for fame and fortune. Despite her mega success, she kept her humility and never got too big for her brassiere.

I love her values and admire her talent as a singer/songwriter.  She has penned numerous hits that have been covered by musicians of all genres over the past several decades.  Not only is Dolly a talented musician, she’s quite a hoot.  That’s one of the reasons she’s on my celebrity dinner guest list.  You gotta love a girl who is into big hair, fabulous clothes and clownish (in a good way) makeup.  She definitely has a unique style, and boy, does she own it!

I can remember reading her biography as a kid.  She admitted staining her lips with iodine as a 5-year-old and getting her butt spanked by her mama, but because her lips were bright cherry red for three whole days, it was darn sure worth it.  That sounds like something I would have done.  She’s all about fancy wigs, heavy-duty makeup, sparkly dresses and 5″ platform stilettos.  Now that’s my kind of gal.

Not only is she a well-respected singer/songwriter—she’s also an accomplished actress.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quoted the infamous Truvy Jones from Steel Magnolias.  I share Truvy’s sentiments about big hair, sweet tea and the effort Southern women put forth to look their best because everybody knows “There is no such thing as natural beauty.”

Dolly is not only a mega musician, she has her own amusement park, for crying out loud!  If that’s not the ultimate in success, I don’t know what is.  I can only hope to leave a lasting impression on the world like Dolly has.  She’s truly one of a kind, and if I ever get the privilege to meet her in person, you can bet your boots I’ll be drooling like a starstruck kid.  Despite what her song says, Jolene is certainly no match for feisty little Miss Dolly Parton!









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